Micro Korea Telecom Amazing Internet Telephony service that makes your long-distance charges disappear from your phone bill. All you have to pay is the local Internet connection charges! The procedures of making an Internet phone call are similar to those of making a traditional long-distance call. It's easy to use.
Our service connects Internet and normal phone users by offering high quality VoIP (Voice over IP) telephony over Internet .
  1. CallShop service
  2. PC 2 Phone service
  3. Device 2 Phone service
  4. Mobile 2 Phoner
Support: Skype id: live:microonlinesystem2 Whats app: +1 437 800 5349 How to Install and signup Micro Korea Dialer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yKKhosClMT4 GREETING HAPPY NEW YEAR 2020 OFFERS! 30 DAYS OFFER 2ND JAN 2020~31 JAN2020 INDIA ALL 5 UNIT 2000 MINUTE WHATSAPP # 0014378005349 +14378805349

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MK Telecom Configuration!

SIP Proxy : sip.microkorea.org or

Port : 5060 or 8891

Codec : G729a,G723

Auto Sign-Up

For Micro Korea Telecom account signup, first download Micro Korea Dialer from play/app store and then install it.
Below the procedure for signup with Micro Korea Mobile dialer. Pc2Phone customer need to contact us for user id and password.
Please send your request by CONTACTING US.

Open Micro Korea App and Wait.

Select your country, Enter your Mobile number and press singup.

Press ok and Wait.

If End user sim is inserted then dialer will take password from sms and logged in automatically. Otherwise user need to enter password and press activate.t.

Dialer is now Registered and Ready to make call.

Contact us

Call: +82 119843 563
Monday-Friday (9am-5pm)

Email: iinfo@microintl.net
Web: www.microkorea.net